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Yoh Tomoe (CV: 緑川 光) 

[Talk with Yoh-Kun] [Talk with Yoh-Kun] [Study in the Library] [Defend Yoh] [Rooftop Garden] [Rooftop Garden] [I want to talk about Ursa Major] [Probably Saturn] [Yoh-Kun] [I’ll take Yoh-Kun along with me] [Binoculars] [Go to the Rooftop Garden] [Say “Aa~ah” to Yoh-Kun] [Go for a walk] [Seek help from Yoh-Kun] [I’ll try to talk with Yoh-Kun] [Become surprised] [Isn’t that obvious?] *Save Here*

Best End – [Thank you… I understand] [Nod with a smile]
Good End – [Vaguely nod]

Suzuya Tohzuki (CV: 小野 大輔) 

[Talk with Suzuya] [Talk with Suzuya] [I’m hungry, so I’ll go to the Cafeteria] [Intervene between them] [In front of the Dorm] [In front of the Dorms] [I want to talk about Leo] [Maybe the Moon] [Suzuya, I guess?] [I’ll go alone] [Planisphere] [Go to the Classroom] [Say “Aa~ah” to Suzuya] [I can’t figure out what to do] [Go to get Suzuya] [Try talking with Suzuya] [Suzuya you really are kind] [I’m happy but… I don’t know if this is love] *Save Here*

Best End – [Nod approvingly]
Good End – [You spoke too much in that smooth manner…]

Kanata Nanami (CV: 杉田 智和) 

[Talk with Kanata] [Talk with Kanata] [Spend time relaxing in the Courtyard] [Defend Kanata] [Rear Garden] [Courtyard] [I want to talk about Virgo] [Perhaps Jupiter] [Kanata!] [I’ll ask Kanata] [Photograph of an astral body] [Go to the Courtyard] [Say “Aa~ah” to Kanata] [Go to the Library] [Don’t leave Kanata] [Talk with Kanata] [I’ll absolutely never forget] [You’ve always liked me?] [I can’t act like nothing happened] *Save Here*

Best End – [Are you treating me as your lover properly?]
Good End – [But… It feels real to me?]

Rating - Everyone Manufacturer: HoneyBee


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