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Bradley DateWarp-Bradley

*Note: Ending 1 can only be completed after finishing all other endings (2-11).*

[Apologize] [Be flirtatious] [Share a room] [No] [Bradley] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [Yes] [Hungry] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] [Make more noise] *Save Here*

Ending 1 (Resolution) – [No] [About Susan]
Ending 2 (Survivor) – [Yes] [About Bianca]
Ending 3 (Ascension) – [No] [About Bianca]

Alben DateWarp-Alben

[Demand to be let in] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [No] [Alben] [Try to escape] [Be happy for them] [No] [Lonely] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] [Get angry] *Save Here*

Ending 4 (Stone Angels) – [Yell at him]
Ending 5 (Artist’s Union) – [Comfort him]

Linds DateWarp-Linds

[Demand to be let in] [Be flirtatious] [Sleep alone] [Yes] [Nathaniel] [Try to escape] [Be intrigued] [No] [Lonely] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Kissed a girl] [His appearance] *Save Here*

Ending 6 (Erasure) – [Yes]
Ending 7 (Conduit) – [No] [Yes]

Nathaniel DateWarp-Nathaniel

[Apologize] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [No] [Nathaniel] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [No] [Hungry] [Get Nathaniel] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] *Save Here*

Ending 8 (Someone Else’s Life) – [Comfort Nathaniel]
Ending 9 (The Quest) – [Chase after Alben] [Stay quiet] [No]

Rafael DateWarp-Rafael

[Apologize] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [Yes] [Alben] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [Yes] [Lonely] [Get Nathaniel] [Stay quiet] [Kissed a girl] [Linds] *Save Here*

Ending 10 (Equivilent Exchange) – [No]
Ending 11 (All For A Purpose) – [Yes]

Rating - Everyone 10+ Manufacturer: Hanako Games



*Note: Stat-boosting items are listed at the end of this guide.*

General Notes
  • The character you are playing is named Merui. The guys are Travis, Shiro, and Derek. You have 30 days of play with selections to make during school, after school, and in the evening.
  • You will get $12 each time you work (helping out after school) and $15 on the weekends.
  • Lunchtime at school:
    • Staying in the Classroom will increase your relationship and give you scenes with Shiro.
    • Going to the Computer Lab will increase your relationship and give you scenes with Travis.
    • Going to the Gym will increase your relationship and give you scenes with Derek.
  • After school:
    • Going to the Mall will give you scenes with Derek and allow you to purchase stat-boosting items.
    • Working on your project will give you scenes with Shiro and improve your grade on the school project.
    • Helping out at school will give you scenes with Travis and give you spending money.
  • In the Evening:
    • You can check your E-mail and doing so will not eliminate your entire evening, so you can pick another option afterwords.
    • Studying will increase your intelligence.
    • Watching Television will increase your social reputation.
    • Surfing the Internet will increase your network reputation.
  • The Bonus Scene will be available after completing all endings.
  • There are two additional endings that are not associated with any guy but are needed to get the Bonus scene. To get them, focus on only one stat for the whole game (either intelligence, network reputation or social reputation), so no guy in particular is interested in you. Then at the end of the game:
    • To get the Bad ending, guess who Alistair is incorrectly.
    • To get the Revenge ending, guess who Alistair is correctly.
Travis Wright REAlistair-TravisCG
  • Build Network Reputation to 51+. Build Intelligence to 36. Build Social Reputation to 17.
  • At The Divide Clothing buy the Grey Sweater and the Track Pants. At Gamego buy Demon of Edo and Diamond Moon.
  • During lunch spend all your time at the Computer Lab.
  • Get an average grade on your school project, so occasionally work on it after school.
  • During the first meeting with Travis, select [Argue with him].
  • After school select [Help out at school] and then select [Agree to help]. Help out after school often.
  • When he asks about the name Rui select [Tell Travis about Alistair].
  • When talking to Travis before helping out after school one day, select [Skip the work program today].
  • When guessing who Alistair is, select either Travis or Derek.
Shiro Takayama REAlistair-ShiroCG
  • Build Intelligence to 51+. Build Network Reputation to 36. Build Social Reputation to 17.
  • At The Divide Clothing buy the Spring Dress and the Butterfly Skirt. At Boundary’s Books buy History of Greece. At Gamego buy Monochrome Diet.
  • During Lunch spend all your time in the classroom.
  • Spend as much time possible working on your school project, you must get a very good grade on it.
  • During the first meeting with Shiro select [Ask him for a topic].
  • When you go to Shiro’s home to work on the project for the first time, select [Ask about his family].
  • When Shiro leaves the room on your second visit, select [Poke around his room].
  • When having dinner at Shiro’s home, select [Tease him].
  • When guessing who Alistair is, select either Shiro or Derek.
Derek Nevine REAlistair-DerekCG
  • Build Social Reputation to 51+. Build Network Reputation to 36. Build Intelligence to 17.
  • At Boundary’s Books buy Planetost. At The Divide Clothing buy the Tank Top, the Trendy Capri, and after your first date with Derek, buy the Evening Gown.
  • At lunch spend all your time at the Gym.
  • After school spend the majority of your time at the Mall.
  • Don’t do any work on your School Project.
  • During the first meeting with him select [Ask for just a friendly chat].
  • On your first date at the Mall, tell him [Tell him it’s nothing].
  • When offered ice cream at the Mall select [Decline his offer].
  • When making a wish for Derek select [Wish for Derek to get good grades].
  • When guessing who Alistair is, select anyone you want.
Stat-Boosting Items
Boundary’s Books

[Notebook $12(+10 intelligence)] [History of Greece $35(+Shiro affection)] [Planetost $15(+20 social reputation, -6 intelligence, +Derek affection)] [Rivenwell Online Official Guide $35(+10 network reputation)] [Diary $20(+6 intelligence, +7 social reputation)] [Encyclopedia $70(+25 intelligence)] [Classic Literature $25(+13 intelligence)] [Cookbook $30(+10 intelligence, +12 social reputation, -4 network reputation)

The Divide Clothing

[Evening Gown $65(+Derek affection)] [Spring Dress $35(+Shiro affection)] [Grey Sweater $25(+Travis affection)] [Tank Top $17(+Derek affection)] [Pink Shirt $40] [Butterfly Skirt $30(+Shiro affection)] [Track Pants $25(+Travis affection)] [Trendy Capris $45(+Derek affection)]


[Imperialon $50(+15 network reputation, -4 intelligence)] [MovieManiac $30(+5 intelligence, +9 social reputation)] [Diamond Moon: Final Phase $50(+Travis affection)] [Other Saga $35(+9 social reputation, +7 network reputation)] [Monochrome Diet $35(+12 network reputation, -4 social reputation, +Shiro affection)] [Demon of Edo $35(+10 network reputation, +Travis affection)] [Walk This Way $20(+10 intelligence)] [Rock Festival $60(+15 social reputation)]

Rating - Everyone 10+ Manufacturer: sakevisual


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