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Yoh Tomoe (CV: 緑川 光) StarrySkyAfterSpring-YohCG
~After Spring~

[Will you stay in Japan for a while?] [Capricorn set meal] [It’s good that Yoh-kun is here.] [Takatsugu-kun looks happy!] [Yoh-kun, are you hungry?] [Yoh-kun gave such a good idea!] [Yoh-kun]
[Facing them alone means you’re strong.]

~After Story~

[Be honest.] [I won’t go.] [Of course!] [Talk about myself.] [Unfortunately, I don’t have plans.] [It’s your fault, Yoh-kun.] [They seem to get along well.] [I’m glad you answered the phone.] [The feelings of all three of us.] [It’s nothing.] [Hold it shut with my body.] [Embrace him.] [Love me like this?] [I look forward to it.] [Because I’m serious about this.] [Take his hands.] [As long as I train for housework.] [As long as Yoh-kun says “OK”.] [Tease him.] *Save Here*

Ending One – [I’m a little scared.]
Ending Two – [I’m a little uneasy.]
*Start At Beginning*
Ending Three – [Pretend that nothing’s wrong.] [Accept their feelings, but politely decline.] [It’s too late.] [Talk about Kanata and Suzuya.] [Yoh-kun rejected me.] [You too, Yoh-kun.] [They sound fun.] [Happy birthday.] [Take care and use the presents well.] [Stay silent.] [Lock the door.] [Smile at him.] [Forgive me?] [I’m nervous…] [Is it that weird?] [Shake your head.] [As long as I’m not a bother.] [Am I good enough?] [Deny it.] [I’m a little uneasy.]

~Extra Story~

[Call him] [I missed you] [Take his hand]

Kanata Nanami (CV: 杉田 智和) StarrySkyAfterSpring-KanataCG

~After Spring~

[Thank you for the letter you sent the other day.] [Pisces set meal] [I’m looking forward to tomorrow!] [Takatsugu-kun looks happy!] [Kanata, why is your uniform dirty?] [Kanata doesn’t have much of an opponent…] [Kanata] [Did you know Kanata is also kind?]

~After Story~

[Are you worried for me?] [Kanata’s hand is really big.] [I was thinking the same thing.] [I’ll stop.] [I won’t let you go] [Presents] [It’s the opposite] [I’m also glad] [Kanata is also cool] [That’s true.] [A picture frame.] [What’s got into you?] [Let me worry.] [Won’t you tell me?] [Should I stay here, I wonder……] [You’re right.] [Then it’s decided!] [I believe in him.] [Embrace him.] *Save Here*

Ending One – [I want to be with you, too.]
Ending Two – [Don’t you know the answer?]
*Start At Beginning*
Ending Three – [It’s none of your business!] [Kanata’s had is really rough.] [Sometimes you know just what to say.] [What do you want me to do?] [Be honest] [Food] [You’re right] [That is……] [That’s certainly true] [It’s not that?] [A necklace.] [It’s late for you to be gentle now.] [What are you saying?] [It’s about the thing during summer vacation.] [Do you want me to stay?] [I see.] [Even if you say you don’t want to go later, we have to go, okay?] [I won’t forgive him either.] [I’m angry.] [Don’t you know the answer?]

~Extra Story~

[Maybe I’ll text Kanata] [Kanatard!] [Stay put]

Suzuya Tohzuki (CV: 小野 大輔) StarrySkyAfterSpring-SuzuyaCG
~After Spring~

[Is there something you want to eat?] [Cancer set meal] [Everyone gets along now.] [Oshinari-sensei has a gentle expression.] [Suzuya, was everyone getting along?] [Suzuya aren’t you awfully calm about this?] [Suzuya] [You don’t know what kindness is.]

~After Story~

[Hold him tight] [I feel the same way.] [We were talking about the cultural festival!] [Um, this is……!] [What are you holding back from me?] [I wasn’t ready to tell her……] [I’ll do my best to support you!] [Please teach me how to cook a lot of things.] [Okay, I will.] [Kiss him on the lips.] [A lunch plate.] [I still want to be with you, too.] [Lightly tug on his sleeve.] [How did you go, Suzuya?] [I’m sorry to have made you worry.] [I can hardly wait!] [Ok, I’ll do as you say.] [Thank you] [We’re graduating tomorrow, after all…] [Bittersweet huh.] [I feel that way too.] [I’ll cherish the time I spend with Suzuya.] [I’ll be supporting you.] [Suzuya, can you tell me which days you’ll be free?] *Save Here*

Ending One – [We’re doing fine.]
Ending Two – [Nothing changed.]
*Start At Beginning*
Ending Three – [I continue to call out] [Suzuya’s selfish……?] [It’s nothing!] [Where is Yoh-Kun?] [Is it something that you can’t tell me?] [How can you say it so casually?] [I wonder if I can really support you, Suzuya?] [But, isn’t it too quick for that?] [For example, like what?] [Kiss him on the cheek.] [A Hydrangea-patterned wind chime.] [I’m not tired yet.] [See how I’ll go for a bit more.] [I did pretty well.] [You can see through anything, huh, Suzuya?] [I wonder if it’s okay to take a break for I day…] [I understand….] [Sorry…] [Are you sad?] [Painful huh.] [I want to be with you forever too.] [Thank you] [Don’t push yourself.] [I’ll try and tell you which days I’m free from now on, okay?] [Nothing changed.]

~Extra Story~

[I can still help] [It perplexes me] [I’m going to cry……]

After Spring StarrySkyAfterSpring-ExtraStoryCG

Takatsugu Izumi (CV: 日野 聡) – [Will you stay in Japan for a while?] [Virgo set meal] [I was able to understand Takatsugu-kun.] [Takatsugu-kun looks happy!] [Takatsugu-kun, how did the special training go?] [I think Takatsugu-kun will win.] [Takatsugu-kun] [The thing I said a while ago, did you remember?]
Haru Oshinari (CV: 小西 克幸) – [Thank you for the letter you sent the other day.] [Virgo set meal] [I was able to understand Takatsugu-kun.] [Oshinari-sensei has a gentle expression.] [Takatsugu-kun, how did the special training go?] [I think Takatsugu-kun will win.] [Takatsugu-kun] [The thing I said a while ago, did you remember?]
Neutral Ending – [Is there something you want to eat?] [Pisces set meal] [I was able to understand Takatsugu-kun.] [Oshinari-sensei has a gentle expression.] [Yoh-kun, are you hungry?] [Suzuya aren’t you awfully calm about this?] [Kanata] [Facing them alone means you’re strong.]

Rating - Everyone Manufacturer: HoneyBee