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Bradley DateWarp-Bradley

*Note: Ending 1 can only be completed after finishing all other endings (2-11).*

[Apologize] [Be flirtatious] [Share a room] [No] [Bradley] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [Yes] [Hungry] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] [Make more noise] *Save Here*

Ending 1 (Resolution) – [No] [About Susan]
Ending 2 (Survivor) – [Yes] [About Bianca]
Ending 3 (Ascension) – [No] [About Bianca]

Alben DateWarp-Alben

[Demand to be let in] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [No] [Alben] [Try to escape] [Be happy for them] [No] [Lonely] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] [Get angry] *Save Here*

Ending 4 (Stone Angels) – [Yell at him]
Ending 5 (Artist’s Union) – [Comfort him]

Linds DateWarp-Linds

[Demand to be let in] [Be flirtatious] [Sleep alone] [Yes] [Nathaniel] [Try to escape] [Be intrigued] [No] [Lonely] [Jump between them] [Scold him] [Kissed a girl] [His appearance] *Save Here*

Ending 6 (Erasure) – [Yes]
Ending 7 (Conduit) – [No] [Yes]

Nathaniel DateWarp-Nathaniel

[Apologize] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [No] [Nathaniel] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [No] [Hungry] [Get Nathaniel] [Scold him] [Broken a bone] *Save Here*

Ending 8 (Someone Else’s Life) – [Comfort Nathaniel]
Ending 9 (The Quest) – [Chase after Alben] [Stay quiet] [No]

Rafael DateWarp-Rafael

[Apologize] [Be angry] [Sleep alone] [Yes] [Alben] [Talk to Bradley] [Be happy for them] [Yes] [Lonely] [Get Nathaniel] [Stay quiet] [Kissed a girl] [Linds] *Save Here*

Ending 10 (Equivilent Exchange) – [No]
Ending 11 (All For A Purpose) – [Yes]

Rating - Everyone 10+ Manufacturer: Hanako Games